Choosing Life

Posted by Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick on April 13, 2016 at 5:01 PM

Choosing-Life_630x275-1.jpg A week ago, our Beloved outdoor kitty, Theresa, who came into our lives through our mutual adoption of her and her of us about 18 months ago, was snatched by a coyote intent on making her its breakfast. Through Grace, our assistant Peggy “happened” to arrive at our home and in Divine timing turned her head, thus seeing the coyote running up the driveway to our neighbor’s house with Beloved Theresa in her mouth.

In a bold act of courage, Peggy sprang into action, running toward the coyote yelling loudly. Intimidated, the coyote dropped Theresa and vanished into the landscape. Peggy ran to Theresa and, scooping her up in her arms and enfolding her in complete Love, came into our home holding Theresa as a mother tenderly holds a little one who is injured and in shock.

Upon seeing this, I began to tremble and sob involuntarily. It was heart-breaking to see our Beloved Theresa wounded and suffering, perhaps dying. We called Ron who mobilized us into action. The three of us immediately got in the car—I still in my pajamas, robe, and slippers, and Peggy still with Theresa in her arms close to her Heart. Spiritual Warrior Ron drove to the emergency veterinary hospital closest to our home where Theresa received immediate care, and we too received caring. We were informed that her wounds, though serious, were probably not life threatening—although they also let us know that the extent of her internal injuries was not yet known and it would be best for her to remain in the hospital for the day. Later that afternoon, her vet extended her stay to overnight.

That evening when Ron and I went to visit Theresa in the hospital, we became concerned, as it seemed to us that Theresa’s life force was very low. We talked with her, encouraged her, and placed Healing Light into her body for her Highest Good, letting her know that we are her family. It was a sweet time of sharing Love and communing with her.

The next morning Theresa’s vet called to say we could bring Theresa home. Ron and Peggy went to get her and both returned in Joy. And as I opened Theresa’s carrier, she indeed looked brighter—more present to this world.

However, it soon became clear to all of us that her life force continued to be very low. Now, truth be told, Theresa is really Ron’s cat. His paternal instincts of tenderness, affection, and nurturing asserted themselves. He began coaxing her to eat, offering her little bites of food from his hand. Although she would take a bit, it truly was just a bit and not enough to sustain her.

After two days of this, we agreed that we needed to try a different approach. Early morning found Ron ministering to Theresa while Peggy and I went to the market and used our intuition to select a delectable cat food that we prayed would entice Theresa to eat. We wasted no time returning home, as we knew our animal communicator, Miranda, was also on her way.

Fast forward—Peggy and I prepared a tiny plate of food and carried it upstairs to Ron’s office praying that this enchanting creature, called Theresa, would consume it with gusto. Theresa began eating with more enthusiasm than we had seen—one small plate rapidly followed by a second small plate.

Then Theresa folded herself back into her little ball to sleep. She rested there for 20 minutes until, guided by my intuition, I prepared a third small plate of food. What would Theresa do? Would she eat? Would she go back to sleep? Would she choose to accept more nourishment?

Before our very eyes, Theresa turned her head toward the small dish and sat up in a tripod position. We silently watched as her whiskers started to bloom, her ears rotated from half-mast to fully forward and erect, her eyes began to glisten, and she went nose first into the third plate of food. We all held our breath as she continued to eat. Something was changing in Theresa … . Was I really seeing it happening? Her life force was beginning to return to her. Theresa was “choosing back” to LIFE! What a sacred moment watching such a small little being making such a huge choice! With our eyes moist, our hearts rejoiced; we all felt privileged to witness this miracle.

As I write this blog, it’s been 11 days. Theresa is out of quarantine and learning how to be an indoor cat. Our indoor kitty, Darling Isabella, aka Baby Ummms, is more than ready to meet her new friend who, prior to this event, was her distant “cousin” that she only conversed with through the windowpanes of a patio door. We are looking forward to our next adventures in the unfolding miracle of Theresa.

What she demonstrated to us in a very compelling way is the power of Wholeheartedly Choosing Life! And so a Love story that began 18 months ago when she appeared on our back patio looking very thin and uncared for continues as Theresa is being restored to radiant health and the next chapter of her life’s journey. 

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