Gifts of the Season

Posted by Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick on December 22, 2015 at 2:53 PM


Loving Christmas and the Season of Lights as many do, I’ve adopted numerous longstanding traditions and developed others over the years. Decorating our home inside and out is something that heralds the holidays as I experience the Spirit of Peace and Beauty descending upon our place and in our Hearts. I enjoy selecting the winter bedding plants, ordering poinsettias for the patio, overseeing hanging the wreaths, etc., etc.

By Thanksgiving, I had my lists and was well into orchestrating numerous preparations. The flurry of holiday activities began gradually escalating. In the midst of holiday decorating, shopping, writing cards, and more, the universe brought me a message from my sister that gave me pause ...

Hello, Mary, I just found your phone message and I'm sorry I missed your call earlier. It has been a very busy day here.

Thank you for your generous gift idea of the amaryllis plant. I'm sure it would be a beauty.

I mean this next statement in the best possible way. I have everything I want or need. I do not need anything more. And, if I do, I can always figure out how to find it or do without it. I realize how lucky I am in this.

I'm guessing you feel the same way. In no way am I rejecting your love for me... I just don't need to have that validated with more objects. And if you agree to that, I will not be selecting or sending anything to you, Ron, or other family members.

Much love, C.

OMG! Tingling all over, I slowly re-read the message. I was hearing someone—my very own sister—declaring she had enough, and not only that she had enough—she did not hunger for, let alone want, more. A Consciousness of Abundance and Plenty was speaking to me—telegraphing a message, “I AM enough. I’m present to my worthiness and Love, and that is enough.”

And further, “Your Loving is enough for me.” Eyes moistening, I then received—experiencing the fullness—the overflowing of my already open Heart.

Her message was a pattern interrupt! There I was, up to my eyebrows in the “doing” of the holidays. Her heartfelt message slowed me down and brought all that I had in motion to a halt so that I could deeply consider what she had shared. For a time, I stopped focusing on completing my lists and stepped off the treadmill of doing. I reflected on my sister’s message, moved by her Clarity and Loving.

I am deeply Grateful, for it catalyzed me in subtly recalibrating my approach to preparing for the holidays. Hers was a gift of Awakening. She shared the Blessing of I AM Enough—and I have Enough. Her message found resonance in the place of Enough inside of me. Her gift was truly magical in that it opened my Heart, flooding me with Loving, and served as a gentle reminder to be present here and now residing in what is quintessential to the holidays rather than being distracted by the doing.

My sister’s message and “gift” of her Wisdom arrived right after Thanksgiving. Her words have been echoing in my Heart throughout this time amplifying my awareness of Presence. I find that when I’m communicating with anyone, I’ve been asking myself, “Who is this person? What gifts are inherent within them, their Presence, and in what they are sharing with me right now?”

I began noticing and receiving the gifts that came through each person with whom I communicated. Before a recent class, I was resting and my assistant covered me with a cozy blanket—I received her gift of Loving Kindness. I received disturbing information about something that I then shared with Ron—I received the gift of his Understanding and support. I conferred with a colleague about a delicate matter—I received the gifts of her Wisdom and counsel. I listened to a young woman share something distressing she had experienced—I received the gifts of her Honesty and Vulnerability. A friend decorated our home exquisitely—we gratefully received her gifts of Beauty and Generosity of Spirit.

It’s a few days before Christmas—our home is decorated, our cards have been written and mailed, the gifts are wrapped, our Christmas Eve gathering, and Christmas Day dinner are planned, and most important, my Heart is full.

This is a precious time—truly the Season of Love. Here are five simple keys for experiencing and enjoying Soul-Centered holidays.

  1. Reside in your already open Heart knowing that you are enough.
  2. Declare that you have enough.
  3. Through your intention, open the eyes of your Heart so you can see the gifts inherent within the person before you, their Presence, and in what they are sharing with you here and now.
  4. Bless others by authentically sharing the gift of your Love, letting them know who they are to you—why they matter.
  5. Spend some time communing with the Silence—receiving the Blessings of Peace, Love, and Joy.

As you practice these keys, you’ll find yourself awash in gifts—not necessarily physical gifts; rather, real gifts—gifts of the Heart. In fact, you’ll be flooded with Loving.

We invite you to listen to this special meditation, Flooding with Loving, as an opportunity to attune and receive the Gifts and Blessings of this Season of Love.

Topics: Spiritual Practice, Gratitude, Mindfulness, Blessings, Holiday, Receiving