What is Spiritual Psychology?

Posted by Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick on April 1, 2015 at 11:28 AM

Most people know what Psychology is, but when they hear about  “Spiritual Psychology,” it tends to raise some questions. We’ve been working in the field of Spiritual Psychology for over 30 years, and we’re often asked … what is the relationship between Spirituality and Psychology?

Years ago, we looked up the word psyche in the dictionary and what we found was: “breath, principle of life, soul.” A great definition. Then we looked up the word psychology. We surmised it would follow that psychology would be the study of the psyche, but here’s what we found: “the science of mind and behavior.”

Wait a minute! What happened to the breath of life and the Soul? It wasn’t there at all. Somehow what was intended as a study pertaining to the Soul was designated to the realm of the mind and behavior. We understood then that the intention when Psychology began to emerge on the planet, it was to assist people in connecting with their Divine Essence, with the Soul Essence of who they truly are.  And today, Spiritual Psychology is still very much in harmony with that intention.

This idea really opened up a tremendous door that was the foundation for bringing these two notions together.  Around the same time we realized this, we also noticed that the practice of resolving an individual’s “unresolved issues” or disturbances within one’s Self, resulted in, almost automatically, people having the kind of experiences that are often described as Spiritual experiences.  From there, we just kept building on it, and that is how this intersection of Spirituality and Psychology became the foundation of our work.

Very early on when I (Ron) was working with my first Spiritual Teacher back in New Mexico, she shared with me, “the reason why Psychology was inspired onto the planet in the first place, was because people had forgotten why they were here.”  I’ve always remembered that, and the more we have gone on in this work, the more it has proved to be true.  And that’s why one of the most foundational principles of Spiritual Psychology is that we are Divine Beings having a Human Experience.

Some of the Blessings of Awakening into your Spiritual nature include:

  • Discovering and exploring what life looks like from the Soul’s reality, and understanding how to use that awareness to live a more fulfilling life.
  • Replacing a chronic victim-centered “I am upset because...” view with an empowered Learning Orientation to Life.
  • Releasing yourself once and for all from the emotional suffering that inevitably results from small-self, ego-centered, judgment-prone perspective.

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