What’s Your Vision for 2016?

Posted by Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick on January 21, 2016 at 1:41 PM


What’s your vision for yourself and your life in the year ahead—and beyond? Is it both aspirational and inspirational? Filled with expansive possibilities, purpose, and promise? Perhaps your vision is lovely and charming? Maybe your Heart is humming with anticipation? Are you flowing—blossoming in a life stream that brings you alive and nourishes your Heart and Soul?

Or perhaps you’re experiencing the chafing and restlessness that come with experiencing the restriction and confinement of having created a life that’s too small for you. Maybe you’ve been resisting your calling for a while and find yourself in the grips of paralysis with fear casting a shadow that drags you into a kind of despondency, asking, “Is this my life?”

Many years ago, I knew I needed to make a major change in my life as my relationship with my first husband was such that we were drifting further and further apart. About all I could do was take steps secretly that would support me in making THE MOVE, and yet for two years I was tap dancing in place. My Heart knew—and yet I allowed myself to be held hostage by my fear. My outer life continued to look as it had, so for all intents and purposes, the Mary Prescott show was still playing in local theaters. Yet my inner life was filled with angst and turmoil. My leap of faith required more courage than I thought I could muster. So there I was, one foot in and one foot out—learning that fence sitting is never a comfortable position.

What eventually happened is that I had two dreams within two days of each other that accomplished two things. The first one dissolved the vice-like grip of the fear, and the second motivated me to move rapidly as it was a message about the self-destructive nature of further procrastination and the negative consequences of it longer term in my life. They were all I needed to move forward in officially completing my marriage.

I’m so Grateful that I received the guidance and brought forward the Strength of Heart, willingness, and inner cooperation necessary to move forward—to risk making deeply Self-Honoring choices trusting that no matter what came from my choices, that I would Accept it—and I would make the most of it! My leap of faith propelled me into a sequence of events and meetings that truly changed the course of my life in the most amazing and blessed ways. My vision of a life of Loving, meaning, purpose, and fulfillment was made manifest.

And from my experience, I know that life is a process not an event, and so my vision has gradually grown, morphed, and evolved over the years, and I see each year as a canvas ready to receive fresh paint.

The year 2016 has begun—yet to reveal its many opportunities, choices, challenges, and Blessings. What is your Heart yearning to experience and express, personally and professionally? Are you listening to the whispering of your Heart—to the inspiration of the Still, Small Voice within?

Or perhaps you find yourself caught up in your mind, making lists, albeit of the “demands” dictated by your ego telling you all the things you “should” want and accomplish this year—all designed to keep you on a rapidly moving treadmill with you struggling to keep up. Are you parched, deeply thirsty, dreaming of an oasis—a verdant sanctuary or even a playground where you come alive drinking deeply of Inspiration, Love, Joy, Aliveness, and Enthusiasm?

Consider this message our invitation and encouragement to you to listen in the Silence and receive inspiration and guidance from your Heart. Your Soul knows who you are and why you are here. It knows the gifts you’ve come to share, and those you’ve come to receive. Have pencil and paper at hand as you listen. Attune to the music of your Heart so that you hear your Soul’s song.

Doing so can bring forward wonderful gifts of Inspiration—and clarification too. Are you called to partnership? Considering conceiving, birthing, and nurturing new life? Creative expression? Moving to a new city or perhaps another country? Accepting a new assignment? Growing in leadership in your own life? Daring to make some radical changes? Are you ready to sacrifice fence sitting and honor the Calling of your Heart?

7 Actionable Keys for Clarifying and Living Into Your Vision

  1. Take time in the Silence. Become receptive and listen to the whispers of Spirit in your Heart. Actually listen in the Silence for 5 to 15 or more minutes, and then journal your awareness about your unique interests and gifts, as well as those experiences and expressions in which you find purpose, meaning, Joy, and fulfillment. Allow Spirit’s guidance to inform your direction and choices. It’s a far superior approach to listening to the incessant chatter of the ego criticizing and judging your every move.
  2. Set your intention to live a life of greater purpose, meaning, and fulfillment, answering and honoring the Calling of your Heart. There’s tremendous power within your intentions. At their best, they become a Heartfelt prayer, a request for Spirit’s assistance. Actually write down your intentions for recognizing, aligning with, and living into your purpose. Keep them where you can review them daily.
  3. Move into your Heart and reverently ask Spirit, “Given my experience, abilities, gifts, and skills, please show me in ways that I can recognize and understand how I may serve.” This can be a beautiful way to complete your day prior to sleep, and a wonderful way to receive inner guidance regarding your purpose.
  4. Courageously choose to live into your new story of purpose, meaning, and Heart. Do those things you Love to do and do your best to bring Loving to all that you do. Love is a most powerful attractor field. Living in Loving elevates your consciousness and is a powerful vehicle for recalibrating your life to your next levels of experience and expression.
  5. Let go of negative self-talk and self-judgment. Change your inner channel from the ego’s story of limitation and lack to an inner dialogue with your Authentic Self through Compassionate Self-Forgiveness. As you practice this skill, over time you’ll gain access to the Presence and gifts of your Authentic Self—and to deeper awareness of your purpose on both the Goal Line and Soul Line of life. They will become abundantly clear.
  6. Nurture yourself and your Heartfelt dreams through cultivating positive, supportive, and encouraging Self-talk and through participating with those people and partaking of those experiences that inspire you, and bring you into fuller awareness of the goodness and greatness of who you are.
  7. Take one action, one small step, each day that is in service to answering the Calling of your Heart and Living into your Spirit-inspired vision. It has been said that the Universe rewards action, not thinking. Create a 33-Day Challenge for yourself—taking one step each day in service to Living into greater meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in your life.

Small steps taken can open doors you never imagined. Be prepared for surprises!

Happy New Year!

We invite you to listen to A Guided Meditation for Heartfelt Intentions and immerse yourself in Mary’s empowering 10-minute meditation designed to support you in calling forth your deepest prayers and setting intentions in 2016.

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